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America's Musical Journey Highlights Contributions of Black Musical Artists to American History

Over the last few weeks, communities around the world have demonstrated their demands for equality and for solutions to create a more united society. We’ve seen many of our museum and theater clients support their local citizens and members and encourage efforts to stamp out inequality. We applaud your efforts and appreciate your care and concern for your communities.

We at MFF have always believed in the uplifting nature of entertainment – especially the moving experiential combination of film and music. The artistry in these elements combine to inspire, move hearts and minds, and spark new ideas and a zest for life and learning. In this moment, we believe that a film like America’s Musical Journey - an inspiring chronicle of the diverse cultures that came together to create America’s musical heritage - exemplifies the spirit of creative collaboration. The film chronicles the birth of such art forms as jazz, the blues, rock and roll, and hip hop and features Grammy-nominated musical artist Aloe Blacc who follows in Louis Armstrong’s footsteps as he travels to America’s great musical cities: New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Nashville, Miami and more. 

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