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Local New Mexico Podcast Host Features Hidden Pacific Filmmaker Ian Shive
Your Positive Imprint Podcast

Catherine Praiswater, podcast host, launches episode featuring filmmaker Ian Shive. Ian’s film,
Hidden Pacific is now playing at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in
Albuquerque. The podcast features Ian Shive’s messages and stories; most pertaining to the
film, Hidden Pacific.

The podcast is:
• Real life
• True stories
• Inspirational
• Global

This podcast features positive achievements that are inspiring positive actions.
Catherine Praiswater, the host of ‘Your Positive Imprint,’ shares stories from all over the world of
ordinary people who are influencing society.

This episode features filmmaker Ian Shive.

Ian Shive is becoming one of the most published nature photographers in the world.
He profiles nature through documentary storytelling of our natural environment.
He knows that a great story is the journey. His voice in this greater environmental story of
Hidden Pacific is one of hope, inspiration and knowledge while not ignoring the challenges
nature faces.

Ian knows that he’s educating viewers on a very important piece of our planet and our collective
story as a people.

Expedition filmmaking is a journey where storytelling is a privilege and a responsibility.

This most recent film, Hidden Pacific chronicles lives in our wild environments. The film
documents Pacific Ocean’s national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monuments.
Filmmaker Ian Shive takes you on a journey of hope, inspiration and awe.

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