Letter of Thanks

Thank you for your interest in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation.  The Foundation is committed to raising funds for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.  Your unrestricted gifts play a key role in providing the STEM educational programs, transformative exhibitions, and enhanced guest experiences that have made the Museum a favorite destination for life-long learners.


The Foundation runs all of the entrepreneurial enterprises in the Museum including the NatureWorks Discovery Store, the Membership Program, and the DynaTheater.  It also leases restaurant space to The Hope Cafe.


A visit to the Museum will allow you to explore natural history topics in a supportive and fun atmosphere.  You will discover the exciting world of super scientists at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and become a paleontologist when you search for fossils.  Travel deep into a volcano, blast off into space, explore the vastness of the universe in the Planetarium,  experience a cave with bats and stalagmite formations and study the exciting New Mexico reptiles and amphibians of today and long ago.


Our community supporters continue the mission of improving the Museum visitor’s experience through their numerous donations of money, time and expertise.  The Foundation Board works to develop dynamic programs and services to fit the ever-changing needs of our community and audience.


As science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education becomes increasingly important to our competitiveness as a world-class city and nation, the Foundation and the Museum have partnered to develop STEM classrooms. The classrooms are hands-on, high-tech learning environments led by the best  educators, which we believe will serve to inspire our next generation of scientists and engineers, and mathematicians.


Please join our ever-expanding membership program and support the fascinating world of natural history and science at The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, today and tomorrow.




Foundation Management