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Victoria Collins: A TyRUNnosaurus Winner's Story

Victoria Collins, pictured with gold medat at the 2023 TyRUNnosaurus event
Victoria Collins, pictured with gold medat at the 2023 TyRUNnosaurus event

In the exhilarating world of running, speed and endurance often take center stage. For Victoria Collins, a seasoned athlete and dedicated PE teacher at Rio Rancho High School, the September 2023 TyRUNnosaurus race at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science was a testament to her unwavering commitment to fitness and health. Clocking an impressive 19:27, she claimed the sixth position overall and proudly secured the top spot in the women’s division.


Victoria's journey in sports commenced at the tender age of six, inspired by her two older brothers and a younger sister who shared her passion. Her track and cross-country exploits began in middle school, blossoming into a collegiate career at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. The pinnacle of her athletic feats was gracing the track at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Olympic Trials in 2008, competing in the demanding 800 meters.


Beyond the accolades, Victoria's trajectory took a coaching turn, driven by the profound influence of her college coach. This dedication led her to Rio Rancho High School, where she not only imparts knowledge as a PE teacher but also molds young talents as the coach of the Cross Country and Track teams. Her coaching prowess shone brightly in 2021, guiding the girls' team to a State Championship and defending the boys' title.


A native of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Victoria's journey weaves through various states, each chapter enriched with athletic endeavors and life experiences. Now, at 40, she remains a beacon of fitness, embodying the principles she instills in her students—emphasizing the importance of movement, health, and holistic well-being. As she continues to inspire, Victoria exemplifies that age is just a number, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle knows no bounds.

By Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz



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