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Verus Research DynaTheater


Exciting and educational movies in one of New Mexico's only giant screen theaters.

Theater Closure & Upgrades Starting May 20

Beginning May 20, 2024 the Verus Research DynaTheater will close for 1-2 weeks to undergo a major technological transformation, which will see it equipped with new state-of-the-art laser-illuminated 4K 3D projection, along with an upgraded surround-sound system.


The theater's reopening date will be posted here, on social media, and at the Museum, and upon reopening visitors will be able to experience the new upgrades at the premiere of Blue Whales: Return of the Giants 3D!

Purchase tickets at the Admissions Desk 

Film Schedule

10 am: Animal Kingdom 3D

11am: Secrets of the Sea 3D

12pm: In Saturn's Rings

  1pm: Animal Kingdom 3D

  2pm: Secrets of the Sea 3D

3pm: In Saturn's Rings

4pm: Animal Kingdom 3D

* Schedule subject to change


Age Group

Adults (18-59)

Seniors (60+)

Youth (13-17)

Child (3-12)

Tot (2&under)

Theater Only






Museum Combo






Members receive a 30% discount!

Verus Research DynaTheater films are brought to you by the generous support of the Albuquerque Journal.
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Blue Whales: Return of the Giants 3D

Blue Whales: Return of the Giants 3D narrated by Award-Winning actor Andy Serkis, takes viewers on a journey of a lifetime to explore the world of the magnificent blue whale, a species rebounding from the brink of extinction.


The blue whale finally gets its star turn ... in life size, on the giant screen!

Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom 3D is a spectacular adventure where we meet the six fascinating families of the Animal Kingdom.


A fun and educational film that introduces junior and family audiences to the

creatures that keep the planet ticking just as it should.

Showtimes: 10 a.m. | 1 p.m. | 4 p.m.

In Saturn's Rings

Narrated by LeVar Burton, In Saturn’s Rings is a grand tour of the universe starring Saturn. 7.5 million images from the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Hubble Telescope are brought to life in a ground-breaking epic immersive journey across space and time.

Back for a limited time!

Showtimes: 12 p.m. | 3 p.m.

Secrets of the Sea

Prepare to meet some of the ocean’s strangest and most spectacular creatures. Secrets of the Sea takes you face-to-face with an astonishing array of marine critters and shows the fascinating ways they interact with each other and their environment. Dive in and experience this extraordinary underwater world!

Showtimes: 11 a.m. | 2 p.m.

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