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STEAM Trek: Virtual Field Trips

Offered FREE to K-12 school groups STATEWIDE!


STEAM Trek: Virtual Field Trips explore STEAM and cultural topics for every grade level and make it easy to educators to provide a complete, well-rounded lesson plan for their students using the power of film to inspire.


Field Trips cover the following curriculum topics:

Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Oceanography, Geology, Geography, Astronomy and Planetary Science, Culture and Diversity, Language Arts, Social Studies

Information about STEAM Trek:

  • Program is FREE to all school groups thanks to the generous support of our donors.

  • Each package includes a 40 minute film and a curated set of educational materials including an optional hands-on activity, extra educational video, discussion questions and teacher prep notes.

  • Field trips run approximately 2 hours if the optional activities are used.

  • Includes up to 30 students.   


Technical Requirements:

  • Internet Access

  • Equipment to stream Vimeo such as Chromecast, AirPlay (on compatible Apple devices) or other casting method

  • Alternative method is to watch Vimeo on individual computers

  • Certain smart TV brands have built-in casting apps

  • Be sure to test your streaming connection


How to request:

  • Virtual Field Trips are provided on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available.

  • You will be notified and sent field trip links via email.

Special THANKS to our generous sponsors who have made this program possible!

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